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Novy Ranch


Lot Size:3382.63 Acres


  • The Novy Ranch is located in Lassen County, near the small communityof Madeline, California. From Hwy 395, the ranch can be accessed by Antelope Drive to the Northeast corner of the ranch. It is approximately 3 miles. The Novy Ranch is located in the shadow of Cold Spring Mountain which is a part of the Warner Mountain Range. A large portion of the ranch is surface irrigated from annual snowmelt via the Warners. The annual snowmelt is collected in Moon Lake which is also referred to as the Tule Lake Reservoir. The snowmelt is then utilized to gravity irrigate via the Tule Lake Water Users Association.


  • The ranch has historically summered approximately 600 to 800 cow calf pairs. Winter snowpack in the Warner Range provides irrigation water that flows throughout the ranch. The ranch headquarters are located at the west end of Antelope Drive and are very functional. The cattle working facilities provide plenty of capacity to process, ship and receive all of the cattle summered on the ranch. There is a large hay barn, a very functional equipment shop, and a 2 bedroom – 1 bathroom farmhouse.


  • The Novy Ranch is made up of 3,382.63 deeded acres. There are approximately 1300 acres of irrigated and sub irrigated pastures. The balance of the acreage is very strong spring and summer range feed and could be improved into more permanent pasture or hay.


  • Water is abundant. Many of the creeks in the west shadow of the Warner range converge above the ranch and run into Moon Lake which then feeds the irrigated pastures on the ranch. There are approximately 2,920 acre feet of pre 1914 water rights which are conveyed via open ditch to the ranch from Moon Lake, aka Tule Lake Reservoir. Of the 2,920 acre feet of water rights, there are 130 acres of priority and 2,790 acre feet of secondary. In addition to the Tule Lake water there are also rights from Cedar Creek and a water righted spring. All surface water is gravity fed using diversion dams. In addition, there are also 2 large deep wells, (approximately 4,000 gpm and 2,000 gpm), that can provide additional water in dry years. The deep wells are supplied power by Surprise Valley Electric Corp.


  • The versatility of this property is boundless. The ranch is a key stopover on the Pacific Flyway and supports a great diversity of waterfowl, shorebirds and raptors for bird watchers and hunters alike.


  • As stated, the ranch typically summers 600 to 800 cow calf pairs from May through the beginning of November.


  •  $6,800,000 cash to seller.

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