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Little Shasta Valley Ranch


Montague, CA

Lot Size:1488.70 Acres

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The Little Shasta Valley Ranch spans 1,488 +/- acres in Montague, CA. The ranch has historically been run as a cow/calf and yearling operation, as well as a reputable hay ranch. In addition to the pasture, there is also a 1,500 head capacity feed lot with a working feed mill. The ranch is enrolled in the Williamson Act.


The ranch lies just east of the town of Montague in Siskiyou County. The ranch sits about 10 miles east of Yreka, CA, 10 miles northeast of Grenada, CA, and 100 miles north of Redding, CA. The Siskiyou County Airport is about 9 miles north of the ranch.


The ranch has roughly 65 acres of alfalfa in production. Typically the alfalfa begins its irrigation season on May 1st, and then again after each cutting. Production has been 6 tons per acre per season.

In addition to the alfalfa, there is roughly 935 acres of irrigated pasture. The Sellers have been grazing part of the pasture and haying part of it. They irrigate every two weeks beginning in May. They have been cutting the portion of the ranch south of Ball Mountain Road for grass hay.

There is another field that has been recently worked up, ready to be planted into alfalfa or permanent pasture.

Carrying Capacity

The owners report that the ranch is capable of running 800+/- pair or 1,500+/- yearlings for the summer grazing season. The owners have been running cow/calf pairs on the ranch, and will wean usually in August, usually in the 650#-750# range. Calves then go to the 1,500 capacity feedlot to be backgrounded until around November 15, and they’ll weigh between 850#-900#. They’ll then ship their mother cows off of the ranch in November.


While the majority of the value of the ranch lies in the land, the ranch is not short on high quality improvements. There are four houses on the ranch. The first one being the primary residence where the owners stay, which is a 2,000+/- square foot 3 bed 2 bath home that sits near the feed lot. There is also a 1,350+/- square foot 3 bed 2 bath home at the feed mill, where the irrigator/ ranch foreman lives. On Lichens Road there is an 1,800+/- square foot 3 bed 1.5 bath home, and adjacent to that is a 600+/- square foot 1 bed 1 bath home.

In addition to the homes there is as follows:

  • 1,500 head capacity feed lot
  • Feed Mill with 500 ton of grain storage
  • Four hay barns with 2,500+/- tons of total hay storage
  • 10,000 gallon fuel split with gas and diesel tanks
  • Barn with a tack room
  • Fertilizer storage shed


The Sellers have installed two new deep wells to irrigate the ranch. Before the wells were in place, the ranch relied solely on the Montague Water District. In average precipitation seasons, water is delivered starting in May, and can end in September. Recently during the drought, the irrigation season was cut short due to lack of snow melt, but the Sellers have combated that issue with the two new wells. Both wells are run by 30 hp submersible pumps, and the owners report 700 gallons per minute on each well.

The well on the south side could run a 50 hp pump, which could increase the production of the well. For the district water, there is a return system that allows drain water to be recycled to irrigate. There are two lift pumps, one being a 30 hp pump, and the other being a 10 hp pump that recirculate the water. The owners report that one person can irrigate the ranch on their own.

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