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3 Bridges Fruit and Nut Ranch


Lot Size:441.86 Acres


The property is located East and West of Hwy 70 at the Butte and Yuba county line. The orchard straddles Honcut Creek to the North and South.


m/l 441.86 deeded acres

m/l 361 net farmable acres


#024-250-006 (Butte County, 96.71 acres)

#03-040-002 (Yuba County, 21 acres)

#03-040-003 (Yuba County, 324.15 acres)


The orchard is currently planted to Walnuts, French Prunes and Cling Peaches. Approximately 130 acres of Prunes, 78 acres of Peaches (57 of which were planted I the 2020 tree pull program), and 153 acres of Walnuts. Portions of the ground are being farmed CCOF Organic.


The trees vary in age.

Water Source:

The ranch has 6 deep wells and riparian surface water rights from Honcut Creek

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